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CKO Kickboxing Hits Fanwood:
St.Onge Law Firm Punches Up New Local Business

CKO Kickboxing and The St.Onge Law Firm are pleased to announce that CKO has selected Fanwood, New Jersey as the home for its newest franchise.

CKO Kickboxing franchisee Steven Johnson announced,

With the help of Fanwoodian Kevin St.Onge, I have decided to locate my new business here.  Fanwood is a great location in the heart of Union County with numerous fitness-minded people.  I truly believe that Fanwood and CKO will be a great fit.  

Seeking to capitalize on the lucrative cardio-fitness trends, Johnson partnered with The St.Onge Law Firm to locate his franchise.

“After a couple deals fell through, I sought Kevin’s assistance, and he and his staff worked tirelessly to help me negotiate a long-term arrangement that will help me make my business a success,” said Johnson.

Located at 25 South Avenue in Fanwood, CKO is scheduled to open for business June 1.

“Our pre-sale campaign is going great.  We have about 3,000 square feet of light industrial space.  The build-out is moving along nicely and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.  The St.Onge Law Firm anticipated my needs and quickly and efficiently solved several problems that came up during negotiations – most notably the fact that the location did not comply with local zoning regulations. That could have been a show stopper, but Kevin managed the process for me and I can’t wait to commence operations,” said Johnson. 

According to Johnson, fitness kickboxing is rated as the number one calorie burning exercise with over 1,200 calories burned during a one-hour class.  CKO promotes burning fat and toning up by punching and kicking hanging heavy bags.  The resistance from hitting a hanging heavy bag is said to burn calories and tone muscles faster than just punching and kicking the air.

About CKO Kickboxing:

CKO Kickboxing was originally formed in Hoboken, NJ as "Take It To The Max" in November, 1997.  By 2004, nine additional locations opened throughout NJ and NY. In the summer of 2005, CKO opened the doors to its second Hoboken gym and today has 40 locations nationwide. CKO has been recognized in countless national fitness magazines and television programs such as NBC’s The Today Show.

About The St.Onge Law Firm:

Formed with an emphasis on professional problem solving, the firm primarily assists families and business owners concerned with wills, trusts, estates, associated tax, financial and business planning together with all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, including purchases, sales and refinancing.

The St.Onge Law Firm understands the entrepreneurial spirit along with the anticipation and excitement of a new beginning.  Effectively negotiating a lease is critically important to the success of a new business.  Our background in real estate has prepared us to successfully assist clients negotiate a lease to avoid potential obstacles, risks, and delays, for optimum results. 

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